"A Family Story - A 5 Generation Photo Which Almost Never Came To Be!"

A  TRUE Story - One That Shows What Photography Can Really Mean

   I want to tell you a true story - one that actually brings me to tears every time I tell it.  As hard as it may be to believe, I promise you this actually happened. -- Patti

   About 7 years ago, Wayne and I were attending the Baptismal Reception for our oldest grandson, Bowan.  In our vehicle was our wedding equipment packed securely away for an out-of-town wedding scheduled for the next day (Yes, we photograph weddings too.) Although we enjoy creating family portraits, photographing weddings is always wonderfully emotional.  Sometimes, it's the first time the entire family has been together in years.  And, the couple is probably at their absolute happiest on their day.

   However, back to our Baptismal Reception.....The reception was perfect.  Everyone was enjoying the companionship and well-being, while obtaining all the Magical Moments and Memories which a gathering of family and friends normally produces. As is typical for this type of gathering, my parents were there and Wayne's father was able to attend.

Excitingly, my 93 (Yes, Ninety-Three!) year old Grandmother was fortunately able to attend also.

   Plans were in the process of taking a 5 generation portrait within the next couple of months at the Assisted-Living-Complex where my Grandmother was staying.  The complex had numerous photographic areas and since my grandmother was here today, all the arrangements were being finalized.  The area we could utilize, the time, etc.

       ....3 days later our most dreaded fear occured.

We Received Word That My Grandmother Had Passed Away That Day!

   This would be devastating news to any of us who have had a very close relationship with their grandmother.  Only three days ago we were laughing together as we pondered how to best accomplish our Five Generation Portrait.  Now my loving Grandmother is gone forever.  I don't suppose any of us can really know what that feels like, unless we've actually been through it.

How Many Times Have We All Wished We Could Have Done Something Before It Is Too Late?

   To this day I am so thankful for Wayne's persistence.  3 days earlier, on the day of our grandson's baptismal reception, Wayne had gone out to our vehicle and grabbed one of our cameras. He insisted on doing a makeshift 5 generation photo right then and there.  Amid protests ranging from Not Having on the Correct Makeup, to Not Being Color Coordinated, to Let's Wait Until The Scheduled Session, he would listen to none of it. Wayne wanted to take a preliminary 5 generation now and by golly he wasn't going to quit persisting until he got his way. And although we will now never know what our planned 5 generation portrait session would have produced, I am so ever thankful that I have the photograph Wayne took. The first time I viewed it I knew immediately this photo would become truly one of my most prized possessions.

At That Very Moment I Realized That The One Thing That Can Never Be Replaced - That We MUST Hold On To - Are The Memories We Share With Those We Love.

   Life is so terribly short. But, at the same time, life is such a wonderful gift.  And the memories we keep of these moments with our family will last forever.

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